The Sailing-galiot SVANEVIK


Ships-painting of the vessel year 1928 as CLAUS of Oldenbüttel at the Kiel Canal.


SVANEVIK full-loaded in the harbour of Kalmar, Sweden. The skipper and the crew has a chat at the fore-deck.


Ex: Elise (SE), Aage (DK), Claus (DE), Anna Marie (DE & NL)
Homeport: Skeppsholmen, Stockholm, Sweden.
Callsign: SFXO. 8348

Original type of vessel: Sailing Galiot (2-masted) fitted with leeboards.
The hull is of steel and rivet clinker-built. Length: 22.08 m. Beam: 5.6 m. Draft: 2.1 m
Gross tonnage: 84. Net tonnage: 40.

History of the ship: The ship was launched 1914 in Sappemeer, Groningen, Nederlands.
Master Shipwright: Jac. Smit (Jacobus Franciscus "Koos" - Smit).
Shipyard: Jac. Smit, Sappemeer, Province Groningen, Holland. Later, after that Jac Smit had moved to a bigger shipyard in Vierverlaten, this shipyard became Werf Wolthuis and is today connected as a museum-shipyard to Stichting Historische Scheepswerf Hoogezand-Sappemeer

SVANEVIK is from the cultural authority of the Swedish Maritime Museum certified as a part of the Swedish Maritime Cultural Heritage and has been assisted for preservation and hull restoration by subsidies from the Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf through Konung Gustav VI Adolfs fond för svensk kultur and from the Swedish National Maritime and Transport Museums.

1914 - 1916 ANNA MARIE, Herman Dieckmann, Iselersheim (River Oste), Hamburg, Germany.
1916 - 1918 CLAUS, Herman Dieckmann, Iselersheim, Hamburg, Germany (new name but same owner-skipper).
1918 - 1931 CLAUS, Christian Pieper, Oldenbüttel, (Nord-Ostsee Canal), Hamburg, Germany.
1923 First auxillary-engine installed: Aabenraa Motorfabrik H. Callesen & Co. 2-cyl. 50-Pse.
1931 - 1936 CLAUS, Johann Pieper (son of Christian P.), Oldenbüttel, Hamburg, Germany.
1936 - 1937 AAGE, Niels J. Möller, Svendborg (Skovsbostrand), Denmark.
1937 - 1939 AAGE, Niels Peder Nielsen, Nakskov, Denmark.
1939 - 1947 ELISE, John Edvin Spindel, Långö, (All of his ships had the homeport Långö,an island in Bohuslän at the west part of Sweden where he grown up. But he lived nearby the Baltic Sea in Nyköping and Pukavik), Sweden.
1939 Present auxillary-engine installed: June-Munktell 1-cyl. 60 hkr.
1947 - 1967 SVANEVIK, Harry & Erik Andersson, Västervik, Sweden.
1967 - 1970 SVANEVIK, Sven Lindberg, Stockholm, Sweden.
1970 - 1982 SVANEVIK, Yvonne Silven-Hellström, Stockholm, Sweden.
1982------- SVANEVIK, Hans-Christer Edborg, Stockholm, Sweden.

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